“Maryann anticipated and met every need for our newborn. She kept a detailed log of our son’s intake and output, which helped tremendously as we tried to balance breastfeeding, bottle feeding and introducing formula. Maryann initiated a basic schedule (at our request) for our newborn to help with the daily flow of our household. She helped keep our newborn healthy during a time when each one of our older children developed typical winter illnesses. While we focused on our sick toddlers, Maryann took complete care of our newborn.”
– Steve and Jenny F.


“It is my great pleasure and honor to recommend Maryann Kamitian as a newborn care specialist and postpartum Doula. As a new mother I would recommend every family whether it be their first baby or their 5th to have a postpartum doula after baby comes home. Maryann started the day I brought my twins home. She was very professional and made the entire process very seamless and comfortable for everyone. Maryann is knowable, reliable, and caring. She is also well versed in sleep training and has a natural affinity toward children. She was helpful from day one.”
-Duane and Alicia L.


Maryann is highly skilled not only with newborns, but also in nurturing the mother. When Maryann arrived for the evening, I felt I could truly relax and get much needed sleep. She was always right on time, helpful and very respectful of my space. I also came to rely on Maryann’s advice about the twins’ sleeping habits and her observations of them in general. Maryann is also able to handle unexpected situations with poise and professionalism. On the second night of her employment, I experienced a postpartum hemorrhage, a very serious condition. Thankfully, Maryann was there to call 911 and assist me. Although Maryann had never experienced such a situation, she was calm, cool and collected. I was in the hospital overnight and never once worried that Maryann could not handle the twins.
– Mara K