Newborn Care Specialist

As a Newborn Care Specialist, I provide quality newborn overnight care for my clients. I work both part time and full time, working 8-24 hour shifts. I enjoy working with new expanding families and helping to educate them along the way.  Services include feeding, assisting when needed with nursing, dressing, changing diapers, bathing, umbilical cord care, circumcision care, cleaning bottles & prepare new bottles if needed, swaddling methods, maintaining a safe sleep atmosphere, maintaining nightly/daily log sheets that will track feeding times, ounces, diaper changes, informing and teaching the parents where applicable, and creating a personalized schedule for each family. I will take over complete care throughout the night so you and your significant other can get your much needed rest.

Postpartum Doula

I include many of the above services with my Postpartum Doula clients as well. As a Postpartum Doula, I also provide emotional support, breastfeeding support, laundry, cooking small meals, help with a sibling, etc. Postpartum Doulas come to help your family as a whole. I believe the postpartum period is an essential time for parents to receive professional care that will instill confidence and ease your transition into parenthood. I will be a support for your family during this wonderful time. I help ease parents into your new role. I will make sure mom is getting enough rest and staying hydrated especially when nursing. You are able to hire me full time overnight and part time daytime hours as well.

Lactation Educator

I can come to you and give you an individualized breastfeeding class. Some of the things we will discuss are getting a good latch with your baby, positioning, setting up your breast pump if you decide to use one, milk storage guidelines, when to feed your baby and skin to skin. Lactation Educators work with families from preconception through the stage of weaning offering unbiased, focused information, culturally sensitive, support, guidance, education, encouragement, counseling, an experienced point of view foster confidence and a commitment to breastfeeding. We will refer you to a healthcare professional when support requires clinical assessment, need for prescription or medical diagnosis. We help families understand their rights according to current healthcare policy and legal statues. Lactation Educators will advise parents on how to maintain lactation when they are apart from their baby which includes information on hand expression and how to use a breast pump. We also educate and support mothers who will need to supplement when breastfeeding is stopped due to medical or personal reasons.