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Often I'm asked, "What exactly do you do for new parents?" "What kinds of things can you help me with?" "Do I need someone like you?" Here is an explanation of services that I provide. Sometimes these things can make a huge difference to a new mom after having a baby. All types of families hire me for consults, overnight relief and daytime shifts. I also make a GREAT baby shower gift to a expecting mom! 


Phoenix Postpartum Doula - These are a Few of my Favorite Things

As a Newborn Care Specialist and Postpartum Doula I have gotten to use so many products at all my clients homes. Sometimes I can make suggestions and give my secret nursery list to them but other times I come in for a short period and use what's available. Below are a few products I have found to be favorites of mine and I will share why.

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Phoenix Newborn Care Specialist- What's my Role when I'm working with a Breastfeeding Mom?

Phoenix Newborn Care Specialist

What's my Role when I'm working with a Breastfeeding Mom?

Often when families are inquiring about my services as a Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Specialist, I am asked how can I help support them if they are giving breastmilk. What will my role be? Will I be an asset to the mom if she wants to nurse her baby? I've compiled some information below to help answer those things. :)

 The nursing mom-If mom chooses to nurse I take more of supportive role with her. At the beginning stages of breastfeeding I will suggest mom keep skin to skin with her babies as much as possible during the time her milk in coming in. Newborns extinctly have a heightened sense of smell. So placing the baby on mom will direct the baby to the nipple and begin breastfeeding. When I work overnights typically I am with baby and when baby awakens to eat I will bring baby to mom. I always change baby first which wakes them enough to be wanting to eat more. By the time I bring baby to mom they are well awake and ready to go! I've had a good amount of mothers who have had c-sections and having someone like myself to bring their baby to them so they don't need to keep getting out of bed is huge. Mom can sit up on bed and enjoy a peaceful nursing session with her baby. Typically while mom is nursing, I am restocking the nursery with diapers, wipes and clean clothes, updating the log on diaper changes and nursing sessions. I usually suggest having mom text me when she is finished but I usually check in at least once to make sure things are going well. I will keep mom hydrated by filling her water and offer her a snack. New moms are tired! Sometimes my job is to make sure they are staying awake during those overnight feeds if mom is nursing in a chair for safety purposes. I've kept mom awake because I'm answering lots of questions that pop up she's asked when it's quiet while baby is nursing. When the nursing session is over I will pick up baby on mom and burp, re-swaddle and get them settled back to sleep while mom gets her rest.

Swaddle me  

 The pumping mom-if mom chooses to pump through the day after nursing or feeding  with bottles my approach will most likely be more full charge. I always suggest to get a hospital grade pump. The Medela Symphony is usually the one I suggest most. It's proven to achieve faster milk ejection and faster milk flow.

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 Often the pumping mom wants some relief at night so she can get more hours of uninterrupted sleep. I will have expressed breastmilk to give baby during feeds at night. I still get baby up, change diaper, re-swaddle and give baby a bottle of milk. We usually stay in the nursery with the lights very dim or off completely so not to overstimulate baby. Baby is burped at least once during the feed. Sometimes you will need a couple different kind of bottles to see what baby takes to but my best suggestion is using Dr. Brown's bottles. This system is designed to help promote good digestion which is essential for babies, particularly newborn. They have a fully vented bottle design which is closest to breastfeeding. The vent system and nipple work together to help a controlled flow so babies feed at their own pace.

Dr Brown's bottle  

 Often moms who also pump have other children in the home that they need to be caring for during the day. Moms can get the milk that baby needs for the overnight feeds and I can get them fed while mom gets her much needed rest. I do suggest mom wakes at least once through the night to pump so not to shock her supply and shut down milk production. Also moms can become engorged and uncomfortable if it's been a long time since they've nursed or pumped. Another reason moms decide to exclusively nurse even for bottle feeds during the day is because some babies get really sleepy on the breast. This happens quite a bit. Recently at my current position the baby has been waking so much for feeds and not seeming satisfied with the breast. Some moms don't mind nursing on demand or basically keeping the baby at breast all day. For those moms who want to keep their baby satisfied for longer periods of time bottle feeds may be the route they chose. As a part of my service I offer a non judgmental source for them to decide what route is best for them. I say it's always nice to have a pumped bottle of milk so their partner or I can feed the baby and mom doesn't feel like a machine or the only one doing the feeds. It helps bonding with the dad or partner immensely as well!

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 I always keep track of what happens at night so we can discuss in the AM or I can make notes in our communication log.

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Postpartum Doula Phoenix - Making Maternity Keepsakes

 Postpartum Doula Phoenix

Making Maternity Keepsakes

Are you expecting? Have you worked with me or are planning to hire me as your Postpartum Doula or Newborn Care Specialist?

Gloria is a fantastic artist I had the pleasure of spending some time with today getting to know more about her business.  She creates and preserves belly casts to last for generations, newborn and adult sculptures for you to cherish.  She has been belly casting since 1995 and loves creating beautiful sculptures that clients cherish for a lifetime. If you have a belly cast previously made from a belly casting kit, She can transform it into a beautiful piece of art for your nursery. This woman is so talented!  I enjoyed seeing the beautiful pieces of art that she has created for families.

Gloria, who was such a pleasure to speak with has such a gift for making these gorgeous pieces. I was able to see some of her work in person and it is truly one of a kind. Stay updated by visiting her Facebook Business Page. For pricing and information visit her website.

Here are some examples of Gloria’s work.